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Courageous Kidz cannot exist without charitable donations. Your generous donations are most appreciated and help us provide activities, trips, and events for children with cancer and help their families maintain normalcy in the home even in the face of such distressing circumstances.  We serve children and families in  South Carolina.  

Please donate what you can. Every penny counts!


Courageous Kidz, Inc. is a non-medical organization that focuses on kids and families devastated by childhood cancer. The child has the disease, the family has the cancer. Our mission is to provide year-round, amazing experiences for children with cancer and pick up the pieces, relieve the stress on the family when life becomes overwhelming, restore normalcy to the family and give the

Magic of Hope!

About Us

About Us

Our History

Courageous Kidz, Inc. is a non-medical, nonprofit organization that focuses on families devastated by childhood cancer. We believe that the child has the disease, but the whole family has the cancer.  The challenges that present themselves to these families are never-ending with long-term side effects, financial havoc, insurance conflicts, marriage conflicts; and the list is endless. The goal of Courageous Kidz is to pick up the pieces, when life goes awry,
restore normalcy and give the Magic of Hope!
We ARE a SAFE HAVEN for Kids with Cancer!
Courageous Kidz is comprised of compassionate and dedicated people
from a variety of backgrounds who share a common interest in helping
our kids!  We invite everyone to participate in helping us reach our goals
through financial support, by volunteering, by participating in one of our
events, or by getting the word out about Courageous Kidz.

Our Founder/Director, Deborah Stephenson, lovingly known as “Flash,”  was born and raised in East Aurora, New York.  Debby moved to Charleston in 1967.  She was married to her husband, Charlie, for over 41 years.  Debby has two beautiful daughters, Meg and Stephanie, and three "perfect" grandchildren who call her "Gramma."  Debby lovingly spoils them daily.


Debby was a very successful Realtor for 13 years; She was a Million Dollar producer for eight years and at one time had her own agency with five agents. As State Chairman of the Make America Better Committee for the South Carolina Association of Realtors, Debby originated Camp Happy Days as the State project in October of 1982. The first camp was held the following year in 1983. From 1982 to 1984, the camp project won national recognition by the National Association of Realtors four years in a row. Once Debby met and grew to know the children and their families, her life changed dramatically and what began as a volunteer project soon became her life's work, a full-time mission for her. The volunteer project changed from Camp Happy Days to Happy Days and Special Times, The Loving Answer for Children with Cancer.  It grew under Debby's leadership from 29 children with a $5000 budget at the first camp - to being able to accommodate more than 200 children/families and a budget of over a million dollars a year.


In 2005, Debby stepped down from the helm of Happy Days and Special Times to focus on caring for her husband who was fighting his own battle with cancer. 


After leaving Happy Days, Debby continued to receive phone calls and emails from families needing the kind of help that only she could provide. Recognizing the need these families had for her more personal type of care, Debby created Courageous Kidz, Inc., A Safe Haven for Kids with Cancer and their Families & giving the Magic of Hope!


Our Mission

Our Mission

Courageous Kidz, Inc. is a South Carolina 501-3c Non-Profit Charitable Organization.


Our mission is to provide year-round, unforgettable experiences for children with cancer and their families in South Carolina.

We provide much needed respite, mutual support and positive activities free of charge to these wonderful children and their families.


We are more than a pediatric cancer support community for patients and their families. The kids and their families become part of our loving Courageous Kidz family forever.


Our goal is to relieve as much stress as possible from these amazing kids and families so that they can concentrate on helping the child with cancer get well again.  Studies show that stress can have a negative effect on medical outcomes, delay recovery and affect every member of the family in a negative way.  Courageous Kidz is here to eliminate as much stress on the family as possible.  We do everything we can to ensure a positive environment for the child with cancer and the entire family.  


Many people have said that one of the most important things Courageous Kidz does is to bring people together.


We are a community of families stricken by childhood cancer.  But, our community also includes amazing volunteers who are give their time and love to help these children with cancer and their entire family live better lives.


Our community also consists of generous sponsors and donors - people with benevolent hearts willing to help the kids and families during times of need.


By becoming part of our Courageous Kidz family, the kids, their siblings and parents gain a support network made up of other families who have experienced the same issues and understand the problems associated with pediatric cancer.  They also gain affiliation with people who are willing and able to provide support for kids with cancer and their families and will help them when they need it.



Our Staf

Our Staff

Debby Stephenson

Lovingly known as “Flash,”  Debby founded Courageous Kidz in 2006 after she recognized the need the kids and families had for her own special kind of  help that wasn't available anywhere else.  

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Holly LaChance

  Holly has been with Courageous Kidz since 2013.  She can often be found in the office trying to keep all the ducks in a straight line.


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