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Our Events

Fun-Tastic Family Reunion

Laughter is timeless…


From the time of diagnosis, through treatment and beyond, each family builds strong bonds within a new circle of friendships with other families, counselors and volunteers. The Family Reunion takes these people to a special place away from the disease and allows them to act as a normal functioning community, enhancing quality of life through normal experiences. It is a day filled with old-fashioned games, boat rides, hot dogs, burgers and lots of music to get you up and keep you moving. This event provides a boost to push forward into a new school year and remind each child with cancer, their siblings and family members that they are not alone in this battle. They are invited to call on each other for fellowship at any time during the year and to reassure them there is life after cancer.

A Mile of Smiles


We surprise our fabulous kidz with little celebrations to lift their spirits.  We take them shopping, out to dinner at their favorite restaurant or out to a movie.  Whatever we can do to bring a smile to those beautiful faces.  



Pinz-N-Pizza is a fun packed evening for the whole family!  We meet at Charleston Rifle Club from 6-9pm for a bowling ,tons of pizza, chicken and, french fries, more bowling and finish our evening with tasty desserts!!!  Be sure to come out and catch up with old friends and make some new ones too!  But most of all, bring the whole family and have FUN FUN FUN!!!

Cowabonga Beach Day

Our Cowabonga Beach Day is an awesome day at the beach sponsored by and put on by the amazing folks at Shaka Surf School on Folly Beach.  Our CK kids are treated to surfing lessons and free time surfing, lunch, give-aways and lots of fun with their CK family.  


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